Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pheasant Eve

It's almost here, and like childhood Christmas Eve anticipation, I am excited for the 2010 hunting season to begin. Technically, it began with grouse season last Saturday, and while my brother and I did not as so much as take a shot at the wily state bird, we did enjoy our walk in the woods on a magnificent October morning. There will be opportunities for grouse later in the season when the leaves have fallen from their perch, but it's always nice to be reminded while scraping though the underbrush that grouse hunting builds character. Daisy and I took a walk tonight—a chilled October evening full moon included. We didn't flush any pheasants in the fields, but they will be there come Saturday. Tomorrow, we'll warm up by flushing a few...maybe 20-30 minutes worth just to build the excitement for Saturday morning. I can't wait!